File Date
Staying Tall_Crane Report 2021 January 2021
NFT Rises in Hong Kong November 2020
NFT deploys five Potain topless cranes for Hong Kong housing project October 2020
NFT embraces RFID solution for Fleet Management October 2020
Rising to the Occasion: How NFT is facing the pandemic October 2020
RFID for NFT Fleet Management October 2020
NFT implements RFID solution for fleet management September 2020
Safety at NFT May 2020
NFT takes measures to protect COVID April 2020
NFT ranks #1 Tower Crane supplier in the Middle East March 2020
Potain awards NFT at Conexpo March 2020
COVID19_The detailed steps NFT is taking to protect stakeholders while ensuring business continuity March 2020
Beyond Oil: NFT's forecast of the Middle East March 2020
The Perfect Partners January 2020
NFT seals Manitowoc partnership for another 5 years _ Plant & Equipment.pdf December 2019
NFT and Manitowoc renew distribution contract for another 5 yearsr _ PMV Middle East December 2019
NFT seals Manitowoc partnership for another 5 years December 2019
NFT, Manitowoc renew tower crane partnership December 2019
A Safe Worksite is Everyobody's responsibility November 2019
Interview with NFT for The Big 5 Heavy November 2019
NFT to boost fleet to meet demand October 2019
Towering Presence: A sit down with Construction Machinery October 2019
NFT ranked #2 tower crane supplier worldwide in 2019 September 2019
High Risers Crane Report September 2019
NFT's CEO and Manitowoc's Senior VP in MEA listed in PMV magazine's top 50 newsmakers in the region. July 2019
NFT riding high on global success November 2018
NFT propels Potain to new heights October 2018
Gulf cranes multiply - Cranes Today September 2018
Regional focus on the Middle East by KHL September 2018
Gulf Construction Online - NFT maintains its towering presence September 2018
Reem Mall's $1.2bn construction reaches fourth floor August 2018
CATME conference extends speakers list as NFT confirms August 2018
Cranes in Kuwait by Cranes Today July 2018
Cranes rise in Kuwait on Cranes Today July 2018
Safety First campaign in Saudi Arabia July 2018
Safety First campaign in Saudi Arabia July 2018
NFT in PMV magazine July 2018
Middle East Report by KHL July 2018
NFT Specialzied in Tower Cranes installs 13 cranes from Reem Mall in Abu Dhabi June 2018
Potain shows prowess at Kuwait airport site June 2018
Potain shows prowess at Kuwait airport site June 2018
Nabil Al Zahlawi in PMV's Power List June 2018
NFT at Kuwait International Airport May 2018
NFT and Potain’s Safety First! campaign reaches Saudi Arabia May 2018
NFT deploys tower cranes for UAE mall project.pdf May 2018
Tower crane safety sessions reach contractors of Saudi's Riyadh Metro May 2018
Manitowoc announces first Intermat Dealer Award April 2018
A rental partnership agreement has been signed between Manitowoc April 2018
Radius NFT agrees rental partnership with Potain April 2018
NFT gets Excellence in Operations and Marketing award at Intermat 2018 April 2018
NFT at Kuwait International Airport April 2018
NFT to launch HUP for the construction sector April 2018
First tower crane arrives for Birmingham’s Paradise Two in the UK April 2018
Debut Big 5 Heavy expo kicks off in Dubai March 2018
NFT to highlight new yard, Potain cranes at the Big 5 Heavy 2018 March 2018
View from Above:NFT YARD at the Big 5 Heavy 2018 March 2018
Major Korean tower project for NFT_KHL February 2018
NFT ranking on Fleet File 2017 January 2018
NFT and Potain's Safety First Mission January 2018
NFT feature on Cranes Today Fleet File December 2017
NFT expands its fleet to Kuwait December 2017
NFT Clients witness Potain's prowess November 2017
60 Seconds with NFT_ The Big 5 Heavy November 2017
Gulf Towers October 2017
NFT Towers above Suppliers in Gulf Construction October 2017
NFT Ranked Number 1 Tower Crane Supplier in 2017 September 2017
NFT sends 10 Potain Tower Cranes to the Palm July 2017
Silicon use 9 Potain tower cranes July 2017
NFT celebrates 30 years of partnership with Potain and unveils huge new facility_CranesY June 2017
NFT's CEO talks big plans and strategy for the company May 2017
NFT one of the Top Rental Companies feature in PMV April 2017
Tower Power Tower Crane Feature in Construction Machinery ME April 2017
NFT's new state of the art facility April 2017
Manitowoc Cranes celebrates NFT’s sales record and fleet expansion at CONEXPO 2017 March 2017
NFT and China State working together on Silicon Park March 2017
NFT in brief February 2017
NFT wins Samsung C&T praise February 2017
PMV's Crane Drain February 2017
Metro Booming January 2017
PMV Above and Beyond December 2016
ICT Index Results: NFT is ranked #1 October 2016
NFT supplies 28 Potain tower cranes in the Riyadh Metro project September 2016
Riyadh Metro: NFT supplied 28 Potain Cranes September 2016
28 Potain tower cranes by NFT for Riyadh Metro September 2016
Manitowoc Cranes_September 2016 September 2016
Le Moniteur September 2016
Towering above the rest, NFT is still dedicated to excellence August 2016
KHL's Regional Focus on Tower Cranes July 2016
SkyNews Arabia Special Interview for Al Rowad May 2016
Al Iqtissad, May 2016 May 2016
NFT in Turkey May 2016
NFT supplies tower cranes for Turkish bridge May 2016
Al Fajr, April 2016 April 2016
Al Bayan, April 2016 April 2016
Construction World, March 2016 April 2016
Aliqtisadi, April 2016 April 2016
Cranes Today, Fleet File 2015 February 2016
www.alkhaleej.ae_economics November 2015
Al Bayan_Aliqtisadi November 2015
Interview on Dubai TV with Mr. Nabil Al Zahlawi November 2015
Interview on Dubai Channel for Mr. Nabil November 2015 November 2015
More Arabic Press Releases November 2015
More English Press Releases November 2015
Al khaleej_Aliqtisadi November 2015
Al Bayan November 2015
Al Wahda_Al Iqtisadi November 2015
Al Fajr Newspaper November 2015
Al Bayan_aliqtisadi_18.10.2015 October 2015
ww.mubasher.info_18.10.2015 October 2015
Al Watan_Aliqtisadiya_18.10.2015 October 2015
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www.alittihad.ae_18.10.2015 October 2015
www.alkhaleej.ae_economics_18.10.2015 October 2015
Al Itihad_Aliqtisadi_18.10.2015 October 2015
www.gulf.argaam.com_18.10.2015 October 2015
Al Khaleej_aliqtisadi_18.10.2015 October 2015,October 2015 October 2015
Al Bayan_aliqtisadi_October 2015 October 2015
Al Watan_Aliqtisadiya_October 2015 October 2015, October 2015 October 2015, October 2015 October 2015
www.alkhaleej.ae_economics, October 2015 October 2015, October 2015 October 2015
Al Itihad_Aliqtisadi_October 2015 October 2015
Al Khaleej_aliqtisadi_October 2015 October 2015
AlBayan_Aliqtisadi,December 2014 December 2014
Alfajr News, December 2014 December 2014
Al khaleej_Aliqtisadi, December 2014 December 2014
CNBC Interview Nabil at Cityscape, September 2014 September 2014,July 2014 July 2014
Al Khleej_Aliqtisadi, June 2014 June 2014
Arqaam, June 2014 June 2014
Al Khaleej_Economics, February 2014 February 2014
Arqaam, February 2014 February 2014
Alfajr News, February 2014 February 2014, February 2014 February 2014
Alitihad_aliqtisadi,February 2014 February 2014,January 2014 January 2014
Al khaleej_Aliqtisadi, January 2012 January 2012
AlBayan_Aliqtisadi,January 2012 January 2012
Elaph,January 2012 January 2012
Gulf Industry, September 2011 September 2011
Al Khaleej_Al Iqdisadi, September 2011 September 2011
Looking Up, July 2011 July 2011
Website Launch 2011 January 2011
Gulf News_Construction, October 2010 October 2010