Why Choose NFT ? :

☆ One stop supplier for all your lifting needs

☆ A stock of on average 150 new tower cranes, available and ready to be delivered

☆ Similarly, NFT has a leading asset base of over 2,000 new and used tower cranes in stock

☆ NFT has currently over 500 hoists with various options, capacities and sizes which are readily available to meet your present and future project requirements

☆ Supplier of the largest crane in the world (in terms of lifting capacity) : The Potain MD3200

☆ Supplier of the highest self-erecting tower cranes in the world : The Potain IGO T 130 and GMTR 400

☆ Our whole stock of equipment is available with different options: Purchase, lease, buy-back, trade-in and long term financing

☆ Our tower cranes stock is available for Sales, Short Term Lease or Long Term Lease

☆ We can ensure consolidation, packing, freight handling and shipment of your order on the same day

☆ We guarantee a high stock of available spare parts, with more than 35,000 references for any types of cranes

☆  A comprehensive technical assistance including all necessary services for your construction site: on-site troubleshooting and equipment fixing in order to ensure the highest productivity level of your workforce.

☆ Thanks to a full stock of genuine spare parts, we guarantee a minimum out of service time for your equipments and cranes

☆ A team of more than 1000 professionals around the world and available around the clock to ensure efficient running of your lifting equipments

☆ All used cranes are fully reconditioned, repainted, inspected and in perfect working condition

Achievements :

  • NFT has in its fleet the biggest crane in the world in terms of lifting capacity : The Potain MD 3200
  • NFT also distributes the highest self-erecting tower cranes in the world: The Potain IGO T 130 and GMTR 400
  • NFT is the first to introduce Luffing cranes to the Gulf
  • NFT has erected the highest hammerhead crane in the Middle East, at that time, on the Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia
  • NFT has delivered the tallest self standing crane at 101m height in Qatar at the football Khalifa stadium
  • A package of 16 PEGA hoists to final heights of 801 meters was present on the Burj Khalifa, Dubai job site

Product Quality :

NFT objective is to provide its clients with the best quality equipments available on the market.

To achieve this mission, we have partnered with Manitowoc Potain as sole distributor for their tower cranes as well as PEGA and GJJ/ORBIT to distribute their hoists. These international brands benefit from an excellent reputation worldwide. Potain manufactures high quality products which are built to last. The company's powerful reputation, innovative modular design systems and exceptional support make them extremely popular.

Whether new or second-hand, all our products are ready to use and serviced internally. Our second-hand engines are composed only of genuine spare parts, delivered by the manufacturer so that we guarantee our client's satisfaction.

Awards :

We, at NFT, are proud of our accomplishments and have received awards for our outstanding work:

  • Awarded by Potain for “Excellence in Operations and Marketing” at INTERMAT in Paris in 2018
  • Named Number 1 dealer worldwide for Potain at Bauma, Munich in 2016
  • Awarded for its risk-taking approach and for its competitive fleet at Shanghai dealer conference in 2016
  • Number one worldwide supplier in terms of crane capacity as per IC Tower Index 2017
  • “World crane owners Top 10” , by the specialized magazine “CRANES”
  • Recognized as “Middle East leading supplier for tower cranes”, by United Kingdom world market report - March 2010