NFT is the sole distributor for ORBIT and PEGA lifting solutions, in the GCC and the Middle East as a whole. These world leading brands are well known for the reliability and flexibility of their products.

We offer a wide range of hoists for passenger and material lifting. Our range of hoists is adapted to all construction site requirements or scales: whether it is a small sized site or a record breaking one.


About Our Construction Hoists

Sometimes called Material Hoists, Construction Elevators, Temporary Elevators, Personnel Hoists, Man-lifts or Material Lifts, no matter the name used, our hoists for the construction industry deliver a simple mission: carry your staff and equipment in all safety.

The hoists we supply can be splitted into two main types :

  • The multi-usage hoists that can carry both passenger and material in a safe way

  • The hoists dedicated to construction materials and equipment only and that are not designed or built to carry passengers

Our products are available either on single or twin version, allowing you to run up to 2 cabins simultaneously.