NFT has moved to a new yard, located just off Ghweifat International highway. An impressive plot spread over 300,000 square meters in Al Dhafra, Abu Dhabi, it is home to NFT’s stock of tower cranes, spare parts and hoists, and will also become the new HQ offices in the near future. In light of the increase in demand of second hand equipment, NFT has dedicated 2 facilities for reconditioning used tower cranes. The first one will be handling all the welding and painting while the second one will be focusing on mechanical and electrical work. The 2 facilities are joined together like an assembly line whereby each part of the used tower crane is checked and improved step by step until finishing with painting. This state-of-the-art assembly line follows step-by-step improvements from testing to electrical work and welding, shot-blasting right up to painting, all in accordance with European standards. The yard has enough space for testing as well. Considering the increase in demand for used tower cranes as the market becomes more price sensitive, NFT has invested heavily in this in-house solution of tower crane reconditioning in line with being the one- stop supplier for all lifting needs. NFT believes that this move can only strengthen its position and continuous effort to increase its stock, protect the quality of new equipment and to recondition used items to almost brand new status. NFT prides itself in its local experience and its after-sale services; this new yard only strengthens NFT’s ability to better serve its clients.