At NFT, for the past 35 years we constantly adjust our business to the market. This is, according to us, a business model that is elastic and guarantees longevity.

Construction companies will often need spare parts for their construction equipment on a very short notice. Most of the suppliers are usually not able to answer such demands. In order to fulfill that kind of requests, NFT has stocked-up our warehouses with sufficient quantities of spare parts for PEGA and GJJ/ORBIT hoists at strategic locations, close to our clients' presence and needs. This gives us a competitive edge to always answer any request in real time.

We at NFT also provide technical assistance, available on all continents. In case of break-down, our teams will respond to your lifting equipments within reasonable time.

Our stock includes all genuine spare parts for the hoists we supply: Electrical cables, safety equipments, electronic or mechanical components.  The spare parts are original and are coming straight from the manufacturers, PEGA and GJJ/ORBIT.