MCH 125 is the result of a new concept and the Potain's first Topless hydraulic luffing crane. This crane combines advanced innovation and design, from our Potain Center of Excellence.

Designed for challenging constructions and congested job sites

  • Maximum lifting capacity of 8 t 
  • 50 m jib length, with high tip load of 2 t 
  • Very small out of service radius of 13.5 m 
  • Very short 7 m counter-jib
 Designed for easy erection and dismantling 
  • One single and complete package counter-jib/jib foot with the hydraulic equipment connected (patented), weight inferior to 12 t. Possibility to separate the counter jib from the jib foot and have 2 packages, heaviest weight 6 t each
  • Hoisting winch and servicing derrick fixed on the counter-jib at the factory
  • Wind-sail plates installed in the factory, on the same jib section for all jib lengths
  • No strut
  • No luffing rope to install compared to a conventional rope luffing jib system
  • Same counter-jib ballast for all jib length

Designed for optimized transport

  • Lightweight and small dimensions for transportation via standard containers and trucks. Complete top slewing part can be transported with just four trucks or 40' HC containers

MCH Hydraulic Tower Cranes

This new revolutionary topless concept allows for faster installation, is ideal for constrianed jobsites, supports easy transportation and guarantees the best return on investment. New luffing mechanism is introduced with the hydraulic tower cranes: VVH. With the VVH, the power consumption is reduced because it requires a smaller generator than other models which reduces operating costs . The new luffing mechanism allows for the complete luffing of the jib in 2 minutes!

ModelJibMax LoadLoad on Tip Download DatasheetAdd to cart
MCH 12550M (5 possibilities from 30 to 50 M)

8T four-fall

4T two-fall

MCH 17550M (5 possibilities from 30 to 50 M)

10T four-fall

4T two-fall

MRH 17555M (6 possibilities from 30 to 55 M)10T1.5TDownload