At NFT, we stand by and support our clients during the whole lifecycle of the equipments we supply. Potain tower cranes as well as PEGA and GJJ/ORBIT hoists demonstrate an outstanding reliability and longer than average life expectancy. However, they still need to be regularly serviced to ensure you get the best value out of them and for a longer time.

We have, for our clients, a range of benefits including the servicing of cranes and hoists within our facilities and at clients' job sites.  This offer includes the refurbishing, painting and of course fixing of cranes and hoists. Thanks to our stock of spare parts, combined with our skilled technical staff, we can investigate, troubleshoot and rectify any breakdown. We know that time is money on your jobsite, so we are here to make minimize breakdown time and that your assets are performing according to your schedule. We also let the client stock their cranes in our warehouses.

Thanks to our professional and highly skilled staff and our commitment to excellent customer service, we promise to take care of your tower cranes and construction equipments to get you the best return on your investment.

Contact us today for the maintenance of any tower crane supplied by us!