NFT founder, Mr Nabil Al Zahlawi bears for his group a worldwide expansion vision. Along his career, he faced 3 worldwide economic recessions, and still managed to grow his business and gain market shares : “We go wherever demand goes; a crane moves without a passport”, said Mr Al Zahlawi in an interview. He enjoys a strong hand on the tower cranes business in the region with a significant track record and an unequalled momentum.

“ Welcome to NFT! We are glad we have this opportunity to introduce our activity and company. We are also honored to share with you our commitment towards our clients and the whole business community.

We at NFT are a team of reliable experts whose common goal is simple : Provide our clients with the best tower cranes and hoists currently available on the global market.

I would like to thank all the NFT teams worldwide for their priceless work, as well as all our clients and shareholders without whom NFT 35 years long lasting history, and counting, would have never been achievable.

For the years to come, our aim is simple : To maintain the spirit that made our success. We will continue satisfying our clients and provide our tower cranes and hoists to the construction projects of the United Arab Emirates, Middle East and even the whole world."

Nabil Al Zahlawi
CEO & Managing Partner
NFT Specialized in Tower Cranes LLC.